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Train Set by Cubbie Lee Toys

Train Set by Cubbie Lee Toys


When I had the opportunity to review this train set by Cubbie Lee Toys, I was through the moon excited! Cubbies Lee Toys makes high quality wooden toys at an affordable price. Plus, the company is named after their beloved dog and y'all know how much we love dogs in this house. Family owned company, high quality product, AND dog lovers. This company hits all the right boxes in terms of who I want to support!


 I had been thinking about getting the boys a train set for Christmas anyway so it was a serious win win. So truth be told we have a lot of toys but they don't play with them as much as I'd like. I am sure y'all feel me on that, a million toys and they think the laundry or tupperware is the most exciting toys we own or better yet, they are bored..... I really didn't want another one of "those" toys to take up space and not get used.


So far this toy has been a real hit. I don't expect it to be another plastic piece of junk to sit in the corner (no offense to those toys, but something about these wooden toys illicit a lot more playtime....) So this is what I love about this train set.

1. It is super simple to put together (even sleep deprived little ol me can do it), comes apart, and stores nicely. We will likely leave it set up on a train table but nice to know that its simple to set up and take down if needed. 

2. It is STURDY: While surely not encouraged, and probably frowned upon for mentioning, Carter stood on top of the bridge and it didn't break. You'll notice pictured above, Brody trying to break the tracks apart (probably why its for ages 3+ .... aside from choking hazards) and it didn't come apart!

3. Carter sat and played with it for longer than he's played with any of his other cars and trucks. He was talking to us about all the things he was doing (apparently we run a lot of errands in this house because that was what the train spent most of the afternoon doing)



All in all this is a great toy! It is well made and super cute. I am sure it will be a favorite in this house for a long time. If you are doing some early Christmas shopping, have birthdays coming up, or just need some new toys I would highly recommend it. You can find this set here We also have some other cubbies lee toys that Carter got for his 2nd birthday that are a big hit. If you follow us on instagram you surely have seen Carter's obsession with walking his toy elephant and duck "pull along toys", both around the house and he brings them when we walk the dogs. It is really cute!


DISCLAIMER: These are NOT affiliate links, I do not profit on the purchase of these products. All opinions are my own. 

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