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Infant Swim Resource

Infant Swim Resource


What is ISR (Infant Swim Resource)?

The ISR program is a simple concept, survival swimming lessons. There are no song and dances, no 30 minute long parent involvement, and really no sugar coating it-it is a dive right in kinda program (pun intended).

It can feel intense to start, the self rescue program is 5 days a week and 10 minute long individual lessons but the goal is simple: the self rescue sequence of swim, roll to float to get air, then back to swim, all repeated until the child reaches the edge of the pool or steps to get safely out.


As a mom of two, the things I used to fear have drastically changed. Yes, I focus on trying to get my children to eat healthy, wash their hands, brush their teeth, etc. But what really scares me are 3 things: water, unmounted furniture, and cars. Those 3 things we encounter DAILY and can have deadly ramifications if proper safety precautions are not taken. That said, I sought out to find a way to feel more confident around water. ISR is not a substitute for a pool fence, supervision, etc. but it is part of a multi layer safety net to keep my kids from drowning. 


Children start as young as 6 months, although we opted to start Carter his first summer at 13 months and Brody will start NEXT summer when he is 18/20 months. Our first summer with Carter was tough, he did not like it and he cried a lot. But after 6 weeks he could float fully clothed including shoes and a heavy diaper. This summer things went a lot smoother (sort of), he cried but this time it was because he didn't want to get out of the pool!!


Overall it is a program I would recommend to any parent, especially ones living in Arizona where almost everyone we know has a pool. It is an investment of time, but it is so worth it to see how well Carter can swim! You can't put a price on water safety. 

I DO NOT work for, get paid by, have any affiliation with the ISR organization nor is this a sponsored post, I am simply a mama who wanted my babies to have swim survival skills. You can find more info and local instructors at infant swim.com . 

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